Business Blockchain Professional

The first international 3rd-party certification for professionals managing Blockchain Transformation

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Become the most coveted hire in the Blockchain Industry

With a growth of more than 6,000%, industry reports have indicated Blockchain needs specially trained and prepared professionals. Are you up for it?

  • Access the World’s Most Comprehensive Resource Box

    BBP™ applicants, as a part of their assessment preparation process, receive the BBP™ Resource Box – an integrated set of individual learning resources prepared by the industry Subject Matter Experts.

  • Widest-Spectrum

    Sweeping across three dozen critical knowledge-areas split among 6 knowledge clusters, the BBP™ credential covers all what a blockchain professional needs to know to be able to perform best in the most serious job roles.

  • Maximize Your Reach with the BBP™ Digital Badge

    The BBP™ is digitally badged by CredBadge, a secure, proprietary badging technology. The BBP™ not only maximizes your profile visibility through social sharing, but is also adds distinction to your profile, being individually verifiable by a prospective employer or client.


If you have a Bachelor's Degree in Business/ Computer Science/ Information Technology/ Accounting/ Finance or in any other discipline with at least 2 years of work experience; or just a Master's from an accredited institution in Business/ Computer Science/ Information Technology/ Accounting/ Finance or in any other discipline, you are an ideal fit to apply for the Business Blockchain Professional!

If you don’t meet the above requirements, don’t get bogged down yet. Download our brochure to find out about all the other tracks that could make you a CBCA's BUSINESS BLOCKCHAIN PROFESSIONAL